Hermes Conference Network

Break away from horrible WiFi.

Don't Tether Yourself to Bad Networks

You and your attendees deserve better.

The Hermes A/V Management System CadmiumCD is the best way to ensure your conference goes as smoothly as possible. Your attendees deserve to have event apps that work, even when the internet doesn't. Your speakers deserve to have updated slide decks, even when the network isn't up to date. Stay current, stay connected, stay ahead of the curve. Break away from the confines of bad WiFi with the Hermes Conference Network!

Say Goodbye to Bad WiFi, Say Hello to Hermes

You'll wonder how you ever did without.

Brand your expo floor plan to fit your association or corporation's image. Make the expo floor plan look like it fits your event website branding.

CadmiumCD will work with your AV provider to hardwire your network for success, then deliver wireless access to your Digital Signage and eventScribe products through our specially designed servers. You and your presenters will soon experience the freedom of instant updates in your app, on your website, and around your venue. Happy attendees guarenteed.

Where Does Hermes Matter?

Just about everywhere!

Highlight social areas, speaker sections, sponsor booths, and poster galleries on your expo floor plan.

Your App

Send push notifications, deliver recent news, and give attendees access to the most up to date presentation slides for note taking at the touch of a button. No more bad connections.

Indicate your poster gallery right on your expo floor plan, then give attendees a digital poster gallery to take home with the eventScribe ePoster Gallery.

Your Venue

Update digital signage and other data hubs around the convention center or hotel, in the expo hall, and in and around presentation rooms—all in a matter of seconds with Hermes A/V Management!

Exhibitors can make booth payments and purchase sponsor options while uploading their data to the conference harvester and choosing their exhibitor booth space right on the expo floor plan.

Your Website

Make last minute changes from the speaker ready room to speaker bios, slide decks, and your conference schedule without the hassle of multiple vendors and a bad connection.

Easily make changes on your expo floor plan that are instantly updated on your interactive expo floor plan software.

Forget about juggling data!

You're not a street performer, you're a conference manager. Stop juggling so much data across multiple platforms. Hermes is completely integrated with CadmiumCD's full line of products. That means all the data you collect and publish with the Abstract Scorecard, the Conference Harvester, eventScribe, and the Survey Magnet updates automatically through Hermes.

What Are You Waiting For?

This is the future of conference technology.

Host multiple conference proceedings with the Multi Event App from CadmiumCD